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microBootlegger Sport Build Overview Video

Ten months after I started the build, I finally have the final recap video of the microBootlegger Sport build complete. This was a fun build and I still want to make a microBootlegger Sport for myself, but I'm not sure when I will have the time.

Schoodic Retreat Report

Kayaking Schoodic Point

 photos by Carl Tjerendsen

Building the microBootlegger at the WoodenBoat School

Watch the progression from a bundle of wood strips to a completed kayak in 7 minutes. In this week long class students made a beautiful fine strip planked kayak.

Here is the schedule for the week shown in this video:

Scouting the Shores of Schoodic

Gerry and I headed up to Maine last weekend to scout out the locations for the Schoodic Sea Kayak Retreat.

Skin-on-Frame microBootlegger Sport - Build Review

This 11 minute video gives a quick overview of the whole process of building skin on frame micrBootlegger Sport sea kayak. As of the time of this video capture I had not fully tested the kayak yet. My goal after more testing is to release plans and kits.

Launching the Skin on Frame microBootlegger Sport

I found a break in the ice on the river by my house to drop the kayak in for a quick trial. There was not enough open water for real sea trials, but I was able to determine that the boat floats upright and is comfortable to sit in and has no obvious bad behaviors. I'll be doing more indepth sea trials later.

Skin-on-Frame microBootlegger Sport - Painting and Outfitting


We are getting there! Hi, I'm Nick Schade at Guillemot Kayaks. This is the final episode of building the skin on frame microBootlegger Sport.

In this episode I'll paint the fabric, make and install a seat and add some decklines.

Skin-on-Frame microBootlegger Sport - Sewing the Skin


Hi, I'm Nick Schade at Guillemot Kayaks. Welcome to episode 6 of my build of the skin on frame microBootlegger Sport. In today's episode we will be wrapping the frame with its skin of polyester fabric. 

Skin-on-Frame microBootlegger Sport - Lashing the Frame


Hi, I'm Nick Schade at Guillemot Kayaks. In this fifth episode of making the skin on frame I am lashing the stringers to the frames.

A few of the frame pieces need to be assembled. Here the stern stem frame is fitted to the last sectional frame.

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