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Information about boat building wood

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A strip built boat is made of small strips of wood so if you were wondering where the name came from, now you know. The method is often called cedar strip, because the wood used is typically cedar. It does not have to be. Any straight grained, light-weight wood can be used. I have used redwood, pine, and mahogany as well as Alaskan cedar, western red cedar, northern white cedar, and atlantic white cedar.

Seals and Gaskets

It has been exceptionally warm this winter. I would like some nice cross country skiing weather, but a nice warm day out on the water is always appreciated. Carl wanted to get out around 9, but I didn't feel like rushing out of the house early. Pete, Kate, John and Beth were planning on putting in at Esker Point around 10 and that was more like it. As it was I just got there 9:50, but I had everything ready so I just had to pull on my dry suit and lift the boat off the car.

Aren't you afraid to put that beautiful boat in the water?

Aleutesque - in a wave
While they look easy to damage, these boats are tough and can handle abuse.

No, there is nothing the water can do to damage the boat. It is after all a boat and designed to get wet. "But," you may ask, "what happens if you hit something?" I use my boats hard. I land on rocks, slide up on beaches and hit things. While it may appear that that the wood is right there where it will be easily damaged, it is an illusion. Actually the wood is under a layer of fiberglass cloth set in epoxy.

Do you have kits?

Guillemot Kayaks does not make kits, however several companies make quality kits for Guillemot Kayaks designs. Please view the Kayak Kits page for more information.

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