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Night Heron Plans Prices

Petrel "Play" SGA versatile recreational/play kayak$115.00
Petrel "Play"Hi Performance Recreational Kayak$100.00
Petrel SGA high performance stitch and glue sea kayak$115.00
PetrelA rough water play kayak$100.00
Hybrid Night HeronThe beauty of a strip-built deck with the quick construction of a stitch and glue hull$110.00
Hybrid Night Heron - High DeckA beautiful hybrid for taller paddlers$110.00
Stitch and Glue Night HeronA capable high performance sea kayak built using the stitch and glue method$110.00
Greenland Night HeronA responsive boat for Greeland style aficionados$90.00
Night Heron - High DeckThe same as the regular Night Heron but with more leg room$90.00
Night HeronA fast, responsive sea kayak for open water and close to shore$90.00

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