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Strip Built

Thin strips of wood covered with fiberglass

The Cotton Swab Test

When is the best time to apply the next coat of resin? It all depends. But if your schedule allows, you will get the strongest bond when the prior coat is not yet cured.

Fiberglassing the Hull

This video shows the fiberglassing of the hull of the microBootlegger. I'm applying one layer of 4 ounce E-glass with a coat of epoxy resin. After the wet-out coat of epoxy starts to set up I apply a thin fill coat.

Sanding the Hull

If you are careful gluing up your strips, the sanding can go quite quickly. My process here was:

Table of Contents

  • Part 1 The Background
    • 1 Introduction
      • The Strip-Building Method
      • What You Need to Build a Boat
      • Three Strip-Building Projects
    • 2 Materials
      • Wood
      • Resin
      • Reinforcing Fabrics
      • Glues
      • Tape
      • Waxed Paper
      • Paint and Varnish
    • 3 Tools
      • Hand Tools
      • Power Tools
      • Safety Equipment
    • 4 Lofting
      • Offset Tables
      • Cutting Forms
      • A

Building Strip-Planked Boats

Building Strip-Planked Boats

Building Strip-Planked Boats

"With Complete Plans and Instructions for a Dinghy, a Canoe and a Kayak You Can Build"

By Nick Schade
Published by International Marine, a division of McGraw-Hill


A cute little wooden dinghy


A minimalist cedar strip pack canoe for light paddlers


A modern take on a double paddle canoe

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