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Strip Built

Thin strips of wood covered with fiberglass

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A strip built boat is made of small strips of wood so if you were wondering where the name came from, now you know. The method is often called cedar strip, because the wood used is typically cedar. It does not have to be. Any straight grained, light-weight wood can be used. I have used redwood, pine, and mahogany as well as Alaskan cedar, western red cedar, northern white cedar, and atlantic white cedar.

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The strip built sea kayak.

The Strip-Built Sea Kayak

"Three Rugged Beautiful Boats You Can Build"

By Nick Schade
Published by Ragged Mt Press, a division of McGraw-Hill


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Strip planked kayak

Strip building is the craft of turning a pile of thin strips of wood into a high-performance, durable boat.

Estimated Material Requirements

This table give the basic material requirements for building most of my boat designs.

microBootlegger Sport Build Overview Video

Ten months after I started the build, I finally have the final recap video of the microBootlegger Sport build complete. This was a fun build and I still want to make a microBootlegger Sport for myself, but I'm not sure when I will have the time.

Building the microBootlegger at the WoodenBoat School

Watch the progression from a bundle of wood strips to a completed kayak in 7 minutes. In this week long class students made a beautiful fine strip planked kayak.

Here is the schedule for the week shown in this video:

Making the Petrel Play - a Cedar Strip Kayak

An overview showing the process of building a cedar strip wooden kayak from start to finish.

Making Petrel Play - Project Recap

I hope you enjoyed this series on building the Petrel Play.

Making Petrel Play - Launch - E20


Hi I'm Nick Schade at Guillemot Kayaks, welcome the final episode of my 20 part series on making the Petrel Play a strip built kayak.

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