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12 Foot Nymph

J. Henry Rushton made an amazing light boat with Sairy Gamp, but it was tiny for people of today. My Nymph canoe design is still small for many people. This 12' long version is more suitable for regular size paddlers

While the smaller version is best suited for paddlers around 150 +/- this design will handle paddlers around 200 lbs.

Purchase Boat Plans: 

12 Foot Nymph Double Paddle Pack Canoe Plans

Full-sized plans for the Nymph Double Paddle Canoe
two woodstrip pack canoes"Building Nymph" Booklet

Full-sized plans for a scaled up version of the Nymph Double Paddle Pack Canoe. This cedar strip canoe is lightweight and easy to paddle. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built canoe.

These plans include a 45 page instruction booklet.

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